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Our goal is to present a great breadth of high-quality, creative writing, criticism, and art in a clean setting. We publish everything from novels to poems to philosophy and have a soft spot for food and outdoors writing. We will NOT publish the following:
1)  Submission that are inappropriately hateful or incendiary;
2)  Submissions that are incomprehensible and/or riddled with mistakes and/or completely unedited;
3) Submissions that are plagiarized or contain plagiarisms.
Generally speaking, we will also not accept work that has previously appeared in digital print on the internet. However, certain exceptions will be made. For instance, work that has only appeared on an author’s personal website.
If you submit, please allow us up to one week to review and reply. We are currently unable to provide monetary compensation for accepted submissions though we hope that in the future this will change. We are happy to link to your blog/website and include brief information about you if you would like.
Hirschworth reserves the first electronic rights to accepted submissions as well as digital audio rights* (we are planning on starting a podcast in which we will read certain pieces) and limited archival rights. Upon publication, all other rights to the piece stay with and/or revert back to the author and the author is free to do with the piece what he/she wishes.
Your work will stay in our archives a minimum of two months and after that period will continue to be archived unless you have prearranged for it to be deleted after the two-month period or unless you send a request at any point that it should be removed from our site. We will honor such requests promptly. The reason you may not want us to archive work indefinitely is that this essentially means that the work stays “in print” and therefore is unmarketable to certain vendors (which may be pertinent if you are, say, selling a poetry or short story collection).
* If an author wishes to submit a piece and withhold certain rights (such as the audio rights) we simply ask that the author stipulate this in the submission. Such a stipulation will not adversely affect our consideration of the piece. As we cannot pay for work at this time, we will do everything we can do to support and accommodate you, the writer.
* Please note that we have recently been having trouble with our email server and all letters to and all other addresses have been bouncing back. We apologize sincerely for this problem and hope to resolve it soon. In the meantime, please send mail to the new address below, which is working. Thank you for your patience. 
—the editors
Email submissions to
Subject line: Submission (Your Name)
Content: Written submissions should be pasted in the body of your email unless they are either too large or require too much formatting, in which case please attach them as .doc or .docx or .pdf. Visual arts submissions should be sent as .jpgs at least 1024 pixels wide and no more than 4mb. Please note that emails with attachments will sometimes be put in spam folders, so if you have not heard back from us in one week, use the form below to contact us and inquire about your submission. You may also use this form for any other contact purposes:
Thank you sincerely for considering publishing with Hirschworth.
-The Editors