Enter first the child:
     his chimeras and mythologies, 
     everything wild and wide-eyed, 
     imaginaries sprawling impossible distances,
     visions too vast for the world to ever contain.
He sees everything.
Enter now all the evils that poison the child and make him a man
Envy, malice, comparison of men,
striving, greed, smallness,
          all the ignoble days
cleverness, fakeness, two-facedness
distraction upon distraction, all the wasted days.
And, above all, blindness:
man looks outward and sees only himself,
his self like a colossus 
                     standing before him, 
                     occluding the sky.
He sees nothing: he has no idea how to live.
End then with the elderly
who are senile but begin again to dream…
The eyesight of the aged is oddly immaculate:
As their minds loosen free
          they know exactly
how they would have wanted 
          to live.
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