poem #10

jack and jill untold
Jack and Jill went up a hill
to pop a bunch of pills,
and Jack, bending back,
leaned o’er a pail of water.
But he wasn’t fetching it, no.
For in his hand, he held a crow,
And he was aholding its head under.
Jill gave Jack a smack and said,
“A crow’s a terrible thing to waste.
Let’s charge admittance.”
They painted a sign and the people
came and stood and gaped to see
the crow that would no longer breathe. 
Jack and Jill made more than a pittance
on that hill—but Jill’s ornery brother Phil
didn’t get a cent and in resentment
wrote the slander we all know:
that Jack fell down
and broke his crown
and Jill came
tumbling after.
In fact, Jack and Jill
bought more expensive pills,
kissed on windowsills,
and hung Phil
from a rafter.
– Kirstin O’Connor
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