Károly Sándor Pallai



the Philippines victimized.
a million children involved in human trafficking around the world.
monster-shaped skies clacking like evil instruments of the fragile, impotent powers.
child prostitution, contractual exploitation.
we levitate in the soft breeze of our deadly ignorance while some are fighting for the victims of trafficking and sex slavery.
no sign of repentance of our insatiable impetuosity, of our pulsating supremacy.
youth and virginity are capitalized, traded, incessantly repeated in the untranslatable universe of atrocities crying to heaven.
who can interpret the mangling and gnawing language of the endangered lives.
lives lived in dreadful oblivion, disappearance and unmarked graves.
crimes are not unraveled, cases are dismissed, childhoods reamain stolen, profaned, haunted.
a flame of shimmering hope dying in the restless decay of the kinky afternoon.
languished willing mourned in torn lingerie vibrates terrorized like a mirage of unyielding hope.
teenagers are victimized in the burnt fatigue of pollution, overpopulation and poverty.
who provides an enclave, a shelter of hope, an oasis far from the undulating suffocation and obscenity?