Back in September we held a photo shoot in a fantastically colorful house in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood with the lithe and lovely Emily B. 
The reason for the shoot was several-fold: 1) Photo shoots are cool, we thought, so let’s do one; 2) Our standard images at the time were a bit tame and our aesthetic sensibilities cried out for something provocative or at least strange; 3) We needed a larger portfolio from which to draw for the illustrations that accompany our poems, essays, and prose. Several readers and contributors have inquired about these illustrations. Briefly, they are images derived from photos that I or one of our other editors have taken that are processed in Photoshop or Lightroom and sometimes collaged with other images. When we started this magazine back in July, most of our illustrations came from vacation photos. Now we are conducting more shoots with the aim of creating ever more interesting visual work–or, in the immortal words of our Culture Editor, Richard C. Armstrong III, “Photos that don’t suck.” 
Tomorrow we will follow up this post with a selection of some of favorite edited images. 
– Thomas McCafferty
Behind the scenes-5 Behind the scenesBehind the scenes-10 Behind the scenes-12 Behind the scenes-13 Behind the scenes-16 Behind the scenes-25 rich behind scenesBehind the scenes-28 Behind the scenes-31 Behind the scenes-32 Behind the scenes-33 Behind the scenes-37  Behind the scenes-45 Behind the scenes-47 Behind the scenes-49 Behind the scenes-52 Behind the scenes-54   
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